When you wake up in aesthetically pleasi…

Hotel Alexandra

When you wake up in aesthetically pleasing places, your energy level just maxes up!😬whose with me?! If you’re into interior decor, design, and architecture you’re gonna love my new blog post I have about my live-in exhibit experience!💕it’s now live!
#linkinbio📲💻 http://bit.ly/2IHGA1n
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  1. @airingmylaundry thanks so much 💕

  2. @slayathomemother so beautiful indeed!!!

  3. @napoleonswimwear yes. Sparkly in white haha 😬

  4. @stersparkle 💕such a dreamy one.

  5. @taydontplay right?! All clean and white! 💕

  6. taydontplay 3 天 ago Reply

    Wow so clean!!!

  7. Muy bonita decoración y foto

  8. stersparkle 3 天 ago Reply

    what a dream bedroom!

  9. Isn’t it the best?!

  10. This is such a lovely room! I’ll check out the post.

  11. How beautiful is that room! There is something about such places for sure.

  12. I’m loving this space – nicely decorated~

  13. @coffeewithjohanna right? Thank you!!! 😳

  14. @alexandrakpaul thanks so much! 😬

  15. @terezekalman ☺️I agree!

  16. @carrieamedford yes! It’s so peaceful like this! 😬

  17. @annchovieblog right? You’d know since you are a designer 🤭super dreamy!

  18. @k8_kreates it definitely is serene ☺️all that natural light coming in is amazing

  19. k8_kreates 3 天 ago Reply

    I would love to wake up in that room – it looks so serene!

  20. @sincerelyophelia I’m building a custom home currently and loving whites!!

  21. Beautiful!! 😎💙😊

  22. annchovieblog 3 天 ago Reply

    The interior is absolutely gorgeous!!

  23. I agree. Clutter makes me insane.

  24. freedomgains 3 天 ago Reply

    Surely i will keep watching more

  25. hustleof 3 天 ago Reply

    Wonderful, can’t beat this

  26. terezekalman 3 天 ago Reply

    Its rare to find something like this

  27. I have such affection for this shot

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